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2019 - 2025

In France, every energy system generates average losses of 25 to 60%. Teréga, an accelerator of energy in the regions, is seeking to introduce innovative solutions which will shape the energy models of tomorrow and optimise energy consumption.

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Objectifs du projet

The general objective of IMPULSE 2025 is to optimise both the overall performance of current energy systems and their environmental impacts.

Interconnection of grids

To optimise and share multiple energy sources, to direct them to new users.

Energy efficiency

To reduce energy wastage by storing losses for use at a later date, or transforming them into an energy source that is more popular or more efficient in use.


To manage the different energy sources in the optimal way to reduce environmental impact.

Digital: at the heart of smart multi-energy grids

The IMPULSE 2025 project is first and foremost an operational ecosystem established around multi-energy systems, with an innovative technological and digital concept at its heart.
Indeed, this project has a platform that offers digital services covering all the design, control and optimisation processes of a multi-energy system.
As a committed company, we have designed this platform with digital frugality in mind.

IMPULSE 2025: a three-way partnership led by Teréga

As the driving force behind the IMPULSE 2025 project, Teréga sought to bring in scientific expertise from:

  • the LaTEP (Laboratory for Heat, Energy and Processes): attached to the University of Pau and the Pays de l’Adour, the partner team has worked particularly on the aspects of the project associated with the simulation and dynamic optimisation of multi-energy systems,

  • and IPESE (Industrial Process and Energy Systems Engineering): incorporated into the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne, this research group led by Professor François Maréchal, an international authority in the field of decision-making tools for multi-energy system design, worked on the energy system’s multi-objective optimisation software.

Teréga is happy to join its expertise with the skills of the top specialists in energy systems. We are united around a single goal: completion of the IMPULSE 2025 project, a new and necessary approach to the energy system. This project will allow us to demonstrate that it is by optimising existing resources we will meet a large part of the challenges involved in environmental and energy transition.Dominique Mockly – Chairman and CEO of Teréga

Through the adaptability of infrastructures and the optimisation of existing energy resources, the benefits of this project will be economic, but also:

  • environmental, through the BE Positif programme, of which the IMPULSE 2025 is an integral part. It will enable a reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, encourage the integration of renewable energies, thus meeting the energy efficiency improvement targets set in the Paris Agreement (2015),

  • energy-related, due to the complementarity of networks encouraging energy optimisation,

  • operational, through real-time management of this future dynamic grid.



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This project is financed by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Project manager

Philippe Etcheverry