Renouvellement Capens Pamiers (RCP)

Transport du gaz

Renouvellement Capens Pamiers (RCP)


Nearly 55 km long, the pipeline linking the communes of Capens (Haute-Garonne) and Pamiers (Ariège) is one of the oldest pipelines in the Teréga grid, constructed in the late 1940s. Given the technical and regulatory developments since then, it has been decided to modernise and adapt the natural gas grid between those two communes.  


Objectifs du projet

As a project of common interest, the RCP project was subject to a public inquiry in February 2020. The purpose of that public inquiry was that everyone should have an opportunity to pass on their comments, suggestions and counter-proposals prior to the project starting. As part of the RCP project, the technical project involves:

Regional development

Modernising and adapting the natural gas grid between Capens and Pamiers, aiming for the route which is most favourable to the regions


maintaining the current connections to 5 public distribution grids and 3 industrial customers.

RCP: a regional project to modernise our grid

We have a duty to modernise and improve the reliability of our infrastructures, to satisfy the requirements stakeholders, regulatory developments, and to comply with safety standards. 

The RCP project is therefore an opportunity to modernise and adapt our grid, to guarantee continuity of the natural gas supply to the regions, while maintaining the maximum level of safety.

Integrated into our regions, the pipeline currently supplies public distribution grids and industry in Volvestre, the Lèze valley, and the Ariège and Lauragais plains.

Key figures

44 km

of pipeline with a nominal diameter of 150 mm

38,7 km

between Puydaniel (Haute-Garonne) and Pamiers (Ariège)

5,6 km

between Capens (Haute-Garonne) and Saint-Sulpice-sur-Lèze (Haute-Garonne)

9 km

of pipeline with a nominal diameter of 80 mm to create the new connections to delivery stations

66,2 bar

maximum service pressure on the main sections and 16 bar for the Pamiers connections


new cut-off stations


new delivery stations


water course crossings: the Garonne and the Ariège


railway crossings (Lissac and Pamiers)


highway crossings (A66 and RD820)


Planning RCP

Project route

Tracé RCP