Research & Innovation objective: safety

Research & Innovation objective: safety

Safety is a priority at all levels at Teréga. We have therefore created an internal strategic programme dedicated to this issue: PARI 2025. Research & Innovation is actively contributing to this strategic challenge by studying new risk prevention solutions and ways to make our grid monitoring techniques ever more efficient.

Our R&I ambitions in relation to safety

Research & Innovation have a key role to play in the continuous improvement of safety at Teréga, in each of the PARI 2025 focus areas. Its actions aim to: 

  • Ensure the safety of people at their workstations

By contributing to the development of innovative solutions to improve safety in the field.

  • Control industrial risks and ensure the integrity of the installations

By developing innovative technologies to inspect infrastructure, improving methods for protecting infrastructure against corrosion, anticipating malfunctions on our critical installations and improving storage monitoring.

  • Preventing and eliminating undeclared third-party work

By improving our current grid monitoring tools and developing innovative and smart, real-time monitoring technologies.

  • Preventing and preparing for risks: security, malicious acts and cybersecurity

By anticipating threats, improving our monitoring tools and finding solutions to limit the impact of a malicious act.

Digital technology is an important part of all these safety and security challenges. Whether it involves grid monitoring, storage monitoring or personal safety, our teams develop and test the digital tools that can best meet these needs: hypervisor, Artificial Intelligence, connected objects, etc.

Projects relating to storage monitoring techniques

The two storage facilities operated by Teréga at Lussagnet and Izaute make it possible to deal with seasonal variations in natural gas demand. The keystone of such infrastructure is monitoring. In addition to specific inspection pits, all precautions are taken in order to have an adequate monitoring system for measuring the potential impact on the environment and the groundwater.

To constantly improve monitoring of our underground storage facilities, our R&I teams are conducting several projects to develop:

  • a geophysical solution for detecting the movement of fluids deep underground in order to monitor the gas storage bubble,

  • a solution for monitoring the movement of surface land (swelling, subsidence) through radar interferometry using satellite images,

  • a device for detecting unwanted emissions directly over storage facilities and wells, using a vehicle-mounted analyser. Developed with IFPEN, this tool should make it possible to visualise concentrations in real time and to determine the origin of the gas detected.

Aerial view of the Lussagnet storage facility.

Aerial view of the Lussagnet storage facility.

Projects relating to safety at the workstation

In addition to the integrity of the infrastructure and its monitoring, the safety of the men and women who work in the field is a priority for Teréga. In order to stimulate collective intelligence and tackle our internal challenges on this issue, we have made use of our participatory innovation approach launched in 2020: TENEXI. Several calls for projects have been launched on safety issues that are priorities for us:

  • people and machinery working alongside each other

  • protection of isolated workers,

  • managing risks relating to maintenance operations.