Shippers: explore our detailed offers

Shippers: explore our detailed offers

There are two parts to our grid: the main grid and the regional grid. The main grid lies
upstream and operates between France and Spain in both directions at the Pirineos VIP to
provide a link with adjacent transporters’ grids in France and Spain. It also allows access to
our storage sites. The regional grid lies downstream and enables the gas to be routed to
industrial or distributor customers. For that reason, we develop a range of products and
additional services for all types of gas transport that you may be looking for on our grid.

How does Teréga satisfy shippers' flexibility requirements ?

Shippers : Teréga’s gas transport offer

We offer two types of transport product, covering both the transport of gas in both directions between France and Spain, and supplies to customers in our regional area: Upstream and Downstream. The aim is to meet all your needs.

Our transport offer
Gas pipeline

Our transport offer on the main grid

Our transport offer on the upstream grid:
  • fixed or interruptible transport capacities, available over different time frames (annual, quarterly, monthly, daily or intra-day);

  • our products satisfy the allocation capacity management rules (CAM), and also meet the needs of commercial flexibility and congestion procedure management mechanisms (CMP);

  • our transport capacities are traded in accordance with the ENTSOG calendar, on the European PRISMA auction platform.

Our additional transport services on the Upstream grid:
  • UBI service: to provide flexibility

  • OPTIM service: to optimise your nominations

  • Secondary Market: to exchange capacities

  • Transport Balancing Service (SET): to balance without penalty pricing

  • Maintenances & réductions: to be informed of maintenance work

  • Vigilance service: to be informed of vigilance information and triggering

Our transport offer on the regional grid

Our transport products on the Downstream grid:

Our transport capacities enable you route your gas from the main grid to:

  • Interface Consumer Points (PIC);

  • Transport Distribution Interface Points (PITD) ;

  • or gas from the Transport Production Entry Interface Point (PITPE) to the main

Our additional services on the Downstream grid:
  • transfer of usage rights, so industrial customers can manage their own self-supply arrangements;

  • delegation of capacity subscriptions, to offer industrial customers protection against the unexpected;

  • daily capacity subscriptions by prior request, for forward planning of subscriptions.

Shippers: becoming a Teréga customer

Shippers: becoming a Teréga customer

To find out the first steps before becoming a customer, click here.

Shippers: Teréga’s gas storage offer

In our area we have two sites where gas is stored in aquifers. They have very valuable geophysical properties. They underpin the strength and quality of our storage offer.

Our storage offer
Site de stockage Lussagnet

Our Storage offer

Our storage products:

We offer 4 storage products:

  • FAST

  • FIZZ

  • FAIR


with varying draw-off volumes and speeds to meet all the needs of our storage shipper customers.

Those storage products are traded through a public auction system, on dates set by the Energy Regulation Commission (CRE).

Full details of our auctions can be found on our customer portal, along with a link to STOREPLACE, our digital storage auction platform.

Our additional storage services:

We offer a large range of additional services to go with storage products. These include the eight main services we have developed:

  • the transfer of capacities to finance gas in storage, and to optimise your storage costs;

  • the secondary market, with the benefit of access to our customer portfolio;

  • Injection Booster, to boost your injection capacity free of charge;

  • “Use it and Buy it” (UBI), to give you greater flexibility in available injection/draw-off capacities;

  • the flexible gates, to take advantag of market conditions,

  • StoragExpand, to take your time to withdrawal the gas.

Additional storage services