A value-driven corporate culture

A value-driven corporate culture

At Teréga, we are convinced that it is our workers primarily who carry our values forward. We are all committed to making Teréga a responsible, cooperative, innovative and ambitious company.

Terega’s commitment: responsibility

As a public service gas operator, we are committed to working responsibly, guaranteeing the safety of persons, infrastructures, supplies, and caring for our environment. 

How do we act?

  • We anticipate risk.

  • We ensure rules are followed.

  • We communicate about our commitments and our performance.

  • We set the right standards for ourselves.

Our conviction: cooperation

We seek to work together in mutual respect and to progress together, both internally and externally with partners and stakeholders.

How do we act?

  • We listen.

  • We share information.

  • We work collaboratively.

  • We are transparent in our exchanges.

Project culture: working effectively together

Right actions, right attitudes and sharing: this is the recipe for a successful project. This cooperative culture is rolled out across all our teams, adapted to Teréga’s different activities.

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The Teréga spirit: innovation

Since we work in a sector undergoing significant change, we cultivate a spirit of innovation and agility to anticipate the new challenges for gas.

How do we act?

  • We continually adapt.

  • We encourage innovation.

  • We demonstrate initiative.

  • We develop contacts with our partners.

What we project: ambition

For Teréga to remain a key actor in the energy model of tomorrow, we share our ambitions with other actors engaged in the sector to build the future of gas and its infrastructures.

How do we act?

  • We promote our infrastructures externally.

  • We communicate our ambitions.

  • We involve ourselves in developments in the company.

  • We dare to create new service offers.

Human resources to match Teréga’s culture

Since they support our workers throughout their careers, Teréga’s HR teams are the best vehicle for our values. They support them, pass them on and ensure they are applied within Teréga.

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