Gas connection: Teréga’s grid, available to industry

Gas connection: Teréga’s grid, available to industry

When it comes to gas connections, you make up an important part of our customer base. Our priority is to allow you access to a reliable and transparent transport grid. A grid which accounts for more than a third of total quantities transported in France.  

How does Teréga operate gas connection for industry?

Among our customers connected to the transport grid, we have nearly 120 industrial customers in the South-West region. The most “significant” sectors in terms of consumption are chemicals, papermaking and construction materials.

Teréga's gas grid

How do i become a teréga gas grid customer?

To use natural gas as a raw material or power source, you must have to connect to the distribution grid, as soon as your local community is being supplied. That is a rule defined in the Energy Code.

If your community is not supplied, or the distribution grid manager (GRD) is unable to connect you, we can offer you the option to take out a connection contract (connection contract link). It sets out the terms and conditions under which we will ensure the creation of the systems making up your connection, their operation and maintenance.

Connection to teréga’s gas grid: a reliable approach

In our service process, we set up a catalogue of services, to support your connection to the gas grid.

We do not cover the gas supply service. To buy or sell gas, you must therefore contact a supplier of their choice, who must hold a ministerial supply authorisation.

Once that is done, we enter into a transport contract, which allows the routing of gas between the place where it is made available, at the entry point onto our grid, and the place of consumption or delivery to a distribution grid.

That contract sets out the specifications of the delivery station installed on your premises and the specifications of the connection between you and our grid. The downstream grid is not part of our transport grid, so you will contribute to the design, operation and maintenance costs of the connection. Added to that is the supply of any additional services (pressure offer, gas heating or analysis etc.).

How do I become a Teréga customer?

Teréga certifications: additional reliability for industry

Our certifications:

ISO 14001

Across all transport and storage sites for our environmental management system;

ISO 9001

For our online metering systems guaranteeing the quality and odorisation of the gas delivered

ISO 50001

For our energy performance

ISO 45001

For our health and safety in the workplace management system