Biomethane injection: access mapping to French gas grids

Biomethane injection: access mapping to French gas grids

Do you want to inject biomethane produced in your facilities into the natural gas grids? We provide you with a map that will enable you to identify the most favourable areas for the injection of biomethane into the gas grids and thus confirm your choice of location.

The right to inject biomethane into the gas grid in France

The ‘right to injection’ decree and its implementation in deliberation No. 2019-242of the Energy Regulation Commission (CRE) govern the biomethane insertion into gas grids. Grid operators must work together to define the optimum connection scheme for injection projects in the same area. The aim is to minimise the costs of grid adaptation borne by the community.

These grid adaptation costs can be borne by the operators, according to the technical and economic criteria defined by the ‘injection rights’ decree.

Mapping grid access for biomethane producers

For information purposes only, we are providing you with a map of grid access conditions for biomethane producers.

You will find a first order of magnitude of the technical and economic criterion: the lower the value of this criterion, the better the possibilities for grid operators to carry out reinforcements to accommodate biomethane in the area.

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Injection rights mapping

Teréga supports your biomethane injection project

Please note that, even in a favourable area, only a feasibility study can provide a precise definition of the technical and economic conditions of a possible outlet for your biomethane project.

Teréga will help you make your biomethane project a reality, from the study phase to the work itself.

Estimate your injection potential

Biomethane producers, Teréga provides you with a simulator to evaluate your biomethane injection potential according to your inputs.

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