Teréga: partnering distribution grid managers

Teréga: partnering distribution grid managers

Because a connection is a true extension of our transport network, we have set up support procedures dedicated to you. Our objective is to give you a clear vision of all our services.

How is connection to the teréga grid organised?

We already provide gas transport to urban distribution grids for eight public distributors, spread across the whole of our geographical area. 

Our connection comprises: 

  • one (or more) supply point(s);

  • a branch line between the transport grid and the supply point.

Teréga grid

How do I become a Teréga grid customer?

We sign an interface contract with you directly. It sets out the terms and conditions under which we will ensure the creation of the systems making up your connection, their operation and maintenance. 

That interface contract comprises:

  • particular terms & conditions and appendices;

  • general terms & conditions and appendices. Most importantly, these set out the obligations upon each party, along with the general principles governing the connection service; Any change is notified to the Energy Regulation Commission (CRE) and Distribution Grid Managers (GRD), published on our site 45 days later and applicable to GRDs from the moment of publication, pursuant to the provisions of Article 15.2.

You will contribute to the costs of designing, operating and maintaining that connection, as well to the supply of any other additional services (pressurisation offer, gas heating or analysis etc.). The downstream grid is not part of our transport grid.

Distributor: How do I become a Teréga's customer?

Connection to Teréga’s gas grid: a relational approach

In our service process, we set up a catalogue of services (catalogue link), to support your connection to the gas grid.It sets out:

  • subscription and pricing arrangements;

  • associated services provided exclusively by us, prices set by the CRE;

  • so-called competitive services, for which we are free to set our own prices.