Local authorities: get into the dict habit

Local authorities: get into the dict habit

Our commitment, as a leading actor in the region, is to make safety an absolute priority, including when private individuals, businesses and local authorities are carrying out work. In advance of the work, and as part of the preparation, there is a regulatory requirement to submit a Declaration of Work (DT) and then a Declaration of Intention to Commence Work (DICT) to our teams. That allows us to provide project managers and then work executants with the information they need to prevent any damage occurring.

Dict: the mandatory safety step

Before planned works can be authorised, the submission of the Declaration of Work (DT) and then the Declaration of Intention to Commence Work (DICT) guarantees you have all the essential information to keep your workers safe. 

Intended to prevent any possible damage and to guarantee the integrity of networks, the Declaration of Intention to Commence Work (DICT) is mandatory before any work near to underground or overhead networks can begin. 

To encourage safety in our region, we promise to:

  • respond to planned work declarations and DICTs within a deadline of 9 days when sent through the post, or 7 days when sent digitally;

  • to provide information about the positions of our high pressure gas transport pipelines;

  • to set out the precautions to take when working close to pipes;

  • to provide, free of charge, the marking or staking out of pipeline(s) in the area covered by the work.

Teréga: simplifying the process for local authorities

Our commitment to being a responsible actor in the energy sector includes a continuous improvement process for safety and the prevention of accident risks and damage to our network of gas pipelines.

To facilitate the work declaration phase, we have joined forces with six other major network operators (GRTGaz, GrDF, RTE, ERDF, France Télécom-Orange and Lyonnaise des Eaux). That collaboration has led to the creation of a jointly owned subsidiary - DECLARANET - and the launch of the Protys.fr website. 

That website simplifies the completion, submission and receipt of planned work declarations (DTs) and DICTs for all actors (prime contractors, construction companies, network operators, delegated operators, local authorities and public bodies). It also enables the sending of responses and simplifies tracking of the associated projects. In this way, we aim to increase the safety of work near to our structures, and to reduce the workload associated with processing applications.