Biomethanisation at Auros : AgriEnergie site opening

Mar 31, 2023

Biomethanisation at Auros : AgriEnergie site opening

AgriEnergie, a French company, opens its new biomethane station at Auros on 31 March.

AgriEnergie, arose from the common desire of nine Gironde farmers to join forces by diversifying their activities beyond their farms. From the feasibility study to the connection of the biogas plant to its transport grid, Teréga has accompanied AgriEnergie at every stage of the project. The biomethanisation unit, built on a former Teréga site at Auros, has been injecting biomethane since October 2022.

“At a time when France faces real challenges in terms of energy, farms have a genuine role to play in helping the rise of renewable energies. We’re proud to be stepping into the future hand in hand with AgriEnergie, to encourage exploitation of the biogas produced through methanisation so that we can inject a green gas into our transport grid. The connection of biomethanisation units to our grid represents huge potential for our territory to reach its energy transition targets,” Dominique Mockly, Chairman and CEO of Teréga.

“Through methanisation, famers become actors in their territory and, in doing so, they serve the local economy. I encourage small and medium-sized farms to group together and create their best methanisation projects, because you can go further when you pull together!” Yannick Duffau, Chairman of AgriEnergie, Mayor of Brannens and Vice-
President of SIPHEM, responsible for energy and local resources.