Discover our activities in the service of the energy transition

Teréga is a major player in gas transport and storage infrastructure in France and Europe. We are a central link that connects producers and consumers of energy, with security of supply as our mission.

Teréga's expertise in producers and consumers service

tubes park

Gas storage

At the heart of our pipeline network, we operate two underground natural gas storage facilities. They represent nearly a quarter of French storage capacities.


The Hydrogen, especially low-carbon and renewable, is at the heart of the energy transition. Discover its challenges and how Teréga is responding.


Projects and grid map

We are working to modernise and develop gas transport and storage infrastructures in the far South-West of France.

Teréga NVG vehicle

Strategy and innovation

We have initiated a process of constant innovation. Our projects are part of our commitment to a low carbon, renewable and diversified energy system.