Why join Teréga?

Why join Teréga?

Working at Teréga brings the promise of a professional life with great added value. We put our skills to work to be a part of the changes in the world of energy, the company and its regions.

A professional life with great added value

At Teréga, we believe it is the synergy between human energies that shapes a company. We want each employee to be aware of their place within our human-scale business, and to take pride in making things happen to the best of their ability, helping find answers to the great energy challenges facing society.

To help us keep that promise, we are committed to developing the conditions needed for each individual to reveal their talents, to thrive and to flourish in their work, and to give the full measure of their own potential.

This is what you will find at Teréga:

  • autonomy and responsibility,

  • acquisition of real expertise,

  • a work environment and tools that encourage personal development,

  • societal engagement through practical action.

Meet the plural energy movement!

Alexy Heduin
Angélique Grondin
Anthony Junquas
Edna Pannetier
Patrick Lafon
Magali Clerc
Laure Saby
Bastien Benech

Our mission: to accelerate the energy transition

Our gas transport and storage network, which runs through the whole of the far South-West, is the central link in a chain joining energy producers and consumers. We have a responsibility to maintain it, constantly to improve its efficiency and safety, and to manage the flows of gas continuously passing through it.

That public service mission comes with great responsibilities toward our regions, our employees and our planet. That is why we have embarked on a major movement to transform what we do so that we can:

  • decarbonise our activities,

  • bring about new low-carbon energy models that promote the circular economy,

  • deploy new renewable gases (biomethane, hydrogen, synthetic methane),

  • use new technologies for the purposes of network optimisation and energy efficiency.

799 M€

of total sales

6,5 Gm3

of total gas storage capacity



799 M€

total turnover

492 M€

in turnover (excluding balancing and congestion)

At Teréga, responsibility is a corporate strategy

Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of our strategic thinking. It is woven into our DNA as a public service operator. By joining us, you will be sharing our commitment to:

For our part, we commit ourselves as an employer to encouraging diversity within the company. We need a diverse workforce. Our capacity to innovate and open up new prospects for the benefit of all depends upon it.

At Teréga, we are also dedicated to achieving a high quality of life in the workplace, because the most precious resource we have is the people who work with us. That is why we created a dedicated programme – Capital Forme – which offers many activities to support physical, mental and social wellbeing (sports training, philosophy cafe, conferences, group activities etc.).