Gas transportMont-Ogenne

2016 - 2022

The pipeline linking the communes from Mont to Larrau, called the Lacal, is one of the most strategic pipelines for Teréga, since it enables the transport of gas between France and Spain. Following grid maintenance work, part of this pipeline was identified as requiring renewal, along the Mont-Ogenne section, as a measure to ensure the safety and upkeep of our gas transport grid. 

In order to comply with regulatory and technical requirements, Teréga decided to modernise this section, which runs between the Mont compression station, near to Lacq, and the commune of Lucq-de-Béarn in the Pyrénées Atlantiques department.


  • Building of a new 9 km pipeline, with a nominal diameter of 650 mm and maximum service pressure of 80 bar
  • Closure of the abandoned section


  • 2016-2021: Studies 

  • March to December 2022: Works undertaken

  • November 2022: Commissioning

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