Gas transportNGV station at Teréga’s head office


As an actor in energy transition, Teréga wants to contribute to the development of the NGV / BioNGV sector in the regions. 

Teréga has chosen to be part of that move by switching part of its company vehicle fleet over to NGV fuel, undertaking the construction of a private NGV station at the head office car park. 

Other private stations will also be set up at our operational sites in Lussagnet (Gers), Cugnaux (Haute-Garonne) and Barbaira (Aude).

This project is part of our BE Positif programme, aimed at achieving carbon neutrality in 2020 and generating value in 2025.


  • Construction and operation of a NGV station on the head office outdoor car park.
  • Reducing the company’s carbon footprint.


  • January to July 2020: studies 

  • September to November 2020: Works

  • November 2020  Commissioning