Gas transportRenforcement Gascogne Midi (RGM)


Inaugurated on 1st November 2018, the RGM project has allowed Teréga to improve its gas transport grid by increasing its transit capacities between the North and South of France. This project is strategic for Teréga because it allows the removal of congestion affecting supplies of gas from the south, making prices the same across the whole country. RGM has allowed the introduction of the single market area, known as TRF (Trading Region France).


  • Mobilising up to 460 people at its height
  • Improving the Gascogne Artery by building a new pipeline between Lussagnet (Landes) and Barran (Gers), and improving the Midi Artery by adding a compressor at the Barbaira (Aude) compression station
  • Introducing a single price for gas in France


  • 2015-2017: Studies 

  • July 2017: Completion of works 

  • October 2018: Commissioning

Project news