Gas transportRenouvellement Capens Pamiers (RCP)


Historically, the pipeline connecting the communes of Capens (Haute-Garonne) and Pamiers (Ariège) was one of the first natural gas pipelines brought into service in the South-West in 1947 following the discovery of the Saint-Marcet gas deposit in Haute-Garonne. Given the technical and regulatory developments since then, Teréga decided to modernise and adapt the natural gas grid between those two communes. The RCP is a project of common interest.


  • Modernising and adapting the natural gas grid between Capens and Pamiers, aiming for the route which is most favourable to the regions
  • maintaining the current connections to 5 public distribution grids and 3 industrial customers.


  • February-March 2020: Public inquiry

  • Summer 2020: Completion of works

  • 2021: Commissioning