Gas transportTrifyl

2018 - 2022

Initiated in 2014, the Trifyl Horizon 2020 project involves reinventing the management and recovery of waste, aiming at local biomethane production, which will be able to cover up to 10% of the department’s domestic gas needs.

Injecting this locally produced green gas into Teréga’s transport grid establishes the public service as an ambitious actor in energy transition. Teréga is responsible for connecting the methanisation station to the transport grid.


  • Installation of an injection station on the Trifyl methanisation site.
  • Construction of a 4.85 km pipeline between the Teréga grid and Trifyl with a nominal diameter of 160 mm
  • Construction of a compression unit at Teréga’s existing cut-off station


  • 25 October 2018: Trifyl signs a contract for connection to Teréga’s gas transport grid

  • October 2019: detailed studies

  • Summer 2021: work starts

  • Early 2022: contractual commissioning