Students and young graduates: receive training for jobs in the energy industry at Teréga

Students and young graduates: receive training for jobs in the energy industry at Teréga

Do you want to give your career meaning by playing your part in the energy transition? At Teréga, we are committed to training for young people, because the future of energy will not come about without you! Work placement, block release or professional training contract… Find out how to learn your trade with Teréga.

Teréga: committed experts who listen to young people

Whether they are technicians, engineers or support workers, Teréga’s employees are driven by one shared aim: to take action every day in support of the energy transition. The energy sector is going through profound changes, and it is our job as professionals to work hand-in-hand with the next generations to build a more responsible and less carbon-heavy energy market. With you, energy has a future!

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Develop your career plan with Teréga

Work placements and block release

Completing your work placement or block release scheme at Teréga guarantees you the best preparation for your degree, while experiencing a stimulating professional environment. This is what you will get if you train with us:

  • a degree of autonomy and responsibility,

  • a stimulating and caring environment,

  • managers who support you and listen to you,

  • assignments with real added value for the company.

Recognised professional training contract

Every year, we recruit a number of people and train them in our gas industry work through recognised professional training contracts. That twelve-month professional training contract provides a year’s professional experience alongside training in the specific duties associated with your role in connection with Teréga’s activities.  Over the course of that year, you can develop your skills through a suitable training programme and put it into practice in the field, supported by an in-house mentor. Recognised professional training contracts are for candidates of any age who hold qualifications ranging from the Baccalaureate to Baccalaureate +2 Technical.

Teréga recognised by Happy Trainees

Our priority is the successful integration and long-term support of trainees and apprentices, and those students and young graduates we have welcomed have clearly understood this. Their evaluation enabled us to receive the Happy Trainees label for 2024.

Train for cloud technology jobs with the Pyrénées Cloud Academy

Teréga has joined forces with CESI to create the 1st training course in the Pau region for cloud technology jobs. The aim is to democratise cloud environment expertise and harness it for the good of the region, local stakeholders and jobs. The aim of the Pyrénées Cloud Academy is to:

  • encourage support for these technologies and improve the sharing of knowledge across regional businesses and suppliers,

  • develop skills by encouraging new entrants into the profession and organising links to training and employment opportunities in “cloud” oriented jobs (DevOps, DataOps, DevSecOps etc.).

Would you like to know more about us?

Would you like to discuss training and career opportunities at Teréga? Throughout the year we take part in events (job forums) to promote jobs in the energy industry in our region. Feel free to come and meet us at:

  • the energy transition jobs tour of the campuses,

  • the BPI France Big Tour,

  • industry job forums etc.

You can also take a regular look at our job offers, or send us a speculative application via our recruitment website.