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The gas market, just like the rest of the energy industry, is experiencing major upheaval. To help you understand the different motivations, the forces at work and the challenges involved, we can offer you a few pointers to provide context and aspects to consider. Business activity themes, environmental challenges, opportunities for innovation, interviews with experts and more… Here you get a glimpse of what drives Teréga.


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      The advantages of NGV and bioNGV
      31 mai 2024

      Fuels: which should you choose to decarbonise your mobility?

      To contribute to green growth, mobility must be based on a varied mix of fuels that are low-carbon and local, produced as close as possible to the point of use. As an accelerator of the energy transit...

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      Photo officielle H2MED Berlin
      29 févr. 2024

      Renewable and low-carbon gas production: Teréga helps a new sector to emerge

      Faced with environmental, climate and energy challenges, the development of renewable gas production capacities is now a necessity. Renewable and low-carbon gases are a key alternative to fossil fuels...

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      Digesteur biométhane
      29 févr. 2024

      Teréga: combining energies to benefit biomethane

      The development of a biomethane sector is one of the foundations of a sustainable and virtuous energy transition. But it needs ambition, expertise and determination to come together. Teréga is the c...

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      reducing GHG emissions
      26 déc. 2023

      Teréga: committed to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

      Reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This is the key challenge in trying to put a stop to the problem of climate change and the disruption it causes to the weather, the economy and society. States, bu...

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      L'oeuvre de Chloé Quenum
      19 déc. 2023

      Chloé Quenum… Making the invisible visible

      Art and industry: two worlds in total opposition, at first sight. And yet… As part of a patronage scheme run by the Centre Pompidou endowment fund and the Teréga Accélérateur d'Énergies endowment fu...

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      Maintenance technician on a Teréga disconnection station
      20 juil. 2023

      IoT, a new tool for industry

      Just like the home of tomorrow, the industry of the future will be connected. IoT, the Internet of Things, is becoming an increasingly important relay, providing a more exhaustive and accurate view of...

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      28 juin 2023

      Solidia Biogaz: Teréga commits itself to the development of renewable gases

      Opened in March 2023, the Solidia biogas platform is currently the only facility that allows semi-industrial scale testing of innovative methanation and biogas recovery processes. This ambitious proje...

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      15 mai 2023

      Differing perspectives on how jobs are changing in the gas industry

      The arrival of new gases, digitisation, social change… The energy sector has reinvented itself over the last ten years, and will continue to reinvent itself over the decades to come. Transformations t...

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      methanation unit of Méthalayou in Aquitaine
      2 mai 2023

      What are the perspects for biomethane in France in 2023 ?

      The French biomethane market continues to boom, and remains one of the most dynamic in Europe. Its growth sits against a background of change: evolving rules and regulations, technological advances, i...

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      campagne - Millau bridge
      11 avr. 2023

      Hydrogen: the central pillar of European energy sovereignty

      Hydrogen is seen as being one of the preferred solutions for meeting European greenhouse gas reduction targets. Besides, the European Union is investing massively in the development of this energy car...

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      innovation project on new gases in partnership with the UPPA
      23 mars 2023

      Innovation: building the energy ecosystem of tomorrow, through partnership

      Against the backdrop of accelerating energy transition, innovation at Teréga, which has historically focused on its core business, is increasingly attentive to the needs of its customers, to support t...

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      Eolienne et balise de transport de gaz
      25 janv. 2023

      Low-carbon hydrogen in France: an industry under construction

      There are many potentials for hydrogen. To take full advantage of this, a competitive low-carbon hydrogen industry needs to be developed. This is one of the objectives of the work carried out by the N...

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