Inauguration of France’s largest biogas plant in Mourenx (64)

Le 28 avr. 2023

Inauguration of France’s largest biogas plant in Mourenx (64)

Last December, Teréga, a gas operator working to accelerate the energy transition, commissioned a biomethane injection station for the BioBéarn methanisation unit located in Mourenx (Pyrénées-Atlantiques, South-West France). This is the 7th biomethane production site connected directly to the Teréga transport grid.

Teréga, stakeholder of the energy transition in the territories

Teréga and the Lacq territory are linked by a common history that goes back for more than
75 years. Since 1951, when the largest natural gas deposit in France was discovered in Lacq,
Teréga has been developing its gas transport and storage infrastructures to operate the
deposit correctly and supply gas to the country.

This new connection operated by Teréga is the second project carried out in collaboration with TotalEnergies, after the BioVilleneuvois project in Villeneuve-sur-Lot (Lot-et-Garonne, South-West France) in 2016. For BioBéarn, we adapted the design of our injection station to be able to accommodate the large quantities of biomethane that the project will generate and thus contribute to its full success.

Teréga, stakeholder in the biomethane industry

As of April 2023, Teréga has 15 connection contracts for methanisation units, including 7 sites
already in production and 8 under construction.

In 2022, 630 GWh of biomethane circulated in the Teréga grid, which is approximately 10%
of national production. In 2023, this quantity should increase by more than 30%, particularly
due to the production of BioBéarn.

Dominique Mockly, Chairman and General Manager of Teréga

Connecting the territory’s largest methanisation unit to our transport grid is a strong sign for Teréga. This 7th connection perfectly illustrates our desire to contribute to the energy transition and promote the transport of green gas on our grid. It also reflects our commitment to the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region to achieve 100% green gas by 2050.

Dominique MocklyChairman and CEO of Teréga