NGV station owner: Teréga’s connection offer

NGV station owner: Teréga’s connection offer

Our grid’s presence close to main roads and the outskirts of urban areas in the far South-West provides an opportunity to connect up your NGV station. Whether you are planning a public or private station, we have a connection offer to suit your plans.

Main reasons for connecting to the Teréga grid

  1. the extent of our grid’s coverage across the far South-West;

  2. our transport infrastructures are particularly suited to the development of relatively high-powered NGV stations (flow and high pressure available across our whole gird);

  3. the option to increase the station’s power without making changes to the initial connection;

  4. optimisation of gas delivery costs by using the single transport grid;

  5. cost savings on recurring operating costs chiefly for electricity consumption and maintenance associated with the direct use of high pressure (45 bar on average on the grid)

Our connection offer

We can offer different options for connection to our grid for a public and/or private NGV/BioNGV station.

Our expertise lies in the supply point and the branch connection to the gas transport grid. These structures remain our property, and as a consequence we are responsible for their operation and maintenance.

To support your connection to the gas grid, we have developed a services approach which you will find in our catalogue of services.

Flexibility in our offer

In addition to our service approach, Teréga offers flexible products and services to support you as develop your project further: 

  • a regulatory immediate “development discount” of up to 50% of the connection costs, subject to a subscription commitment;

  • supply point financing in cash or staged over a number of years.

As a further innovation in our support, we can even offer an alternative to cash investment, offering a gas supply point rental package.

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