At Teréga: a career devoted to responsibility and innovation

Teréga occupies a strategic position in the energy landscape. Working with us means committing yourself to encouraging an energy transition that supports the regions and the environmental targets set by France and Europe. Our employees have chosen a dynamic professional life devoted to responsibility and innovation.

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Maintenance technicians on the gas network

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The gas transport and storage business requires unique skills. In constant evolution, they promise an enriching career path that combines operational, technological and digital know-how.

Students and young graduates: starting your career at Teréga

Want to give your career meaning by playing your part in the energy transition? Work placement, block release, professional training contract or regional volunteer programme: train for a job for the future at Teréga.

A career at Terega

A career at Terega

Aware that our energy comes from the energy of our employees, we make a long-term commitment to them to train them throughout their career and improve the quality of life at work.

Maintenance technician on a Teréga disconnection station

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