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The gas market, just like the rest of the energy industry, is experiencing major upheaval. To help you understand the different motivations, the forces at work and the challenges involved, we can offer you a few pointers to provide context and aspects to consider. Business activity themes, environmental challenges, opportunities for innovation, interviews with experts and more… Here you get a glimpse of what drives Teréga.


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      Regulation is the keystone of the energy market

      Since energy is a need, associated with public service imperatives, and since it is transported by infrastructures in a monopoly position, energy regulation is a central issue. Discover who the player...

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      What are the advantages of NGV and BioNGV?

      What are the prospects for NGV and bioGNV in France in 2022?

      When it comes to transport, NGV and its bioGNV version provide an answer to environmental challenges that is affordable for users, enabling them to embark on the energy transition process gradually. H...

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      Work on the gas transport grid: technical and territorial considerations

      Quite apart from purely “technical” considerations, projects have to fit into the territories and their environment, with as positive an impact as possible. Projects such as the Capens Pamiers Renewal...

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      Gas market: How can the increase in gas prices in 2021 be explained?

      Nobody will be unaware that the price of gas, and of energy more generally is on the rise. The same is true for all of Europe. Although, in France, the government has announced a gas price freeze for ...

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      Teréga launches its employer brand: “Our plural energies”

      As business ramps up again after the summer, Teréga is unveiling its employer brand, with the aim of showcasing employees who, by developing and joining their skills, are helping accelerate the energy...

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      Site de stockage Lussagnet

      How can digital serve the needs of energy efficiency in industry?

      The industrial world now has to find a way of squaring the real environmental challenges (greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency etc.) with its economic imperatives. Digitisation is an essential ...

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      What are the prospects for biogas and biomethane in France in 2021?

      The French biomethane market is one of the most dynamic in Europe. Its continuing growth also needs to keep pace with the many changes taking place: the market situation, regulations, tariffs, actors,...

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      campagne - Millau bridge

      The challenges of developing the hydrogen industry in Europe

      Hydrogen’s potential is now foremost in everyone’s minds: as a direct solution for the decarbonisation of industry and transport, a source of reindustrialisation and local job creation, a lever for en...

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      A gas industry committed to reducing methane emissions

      When it comes to methane emissions, 2020 will not be remembered as a “vintage year”: indeed, worldwide emissions started rising again. However, there is growing acceptance that a problem exists, and c...

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      With BE POSITIVE, Teréga fulfils its carbon neutrality objective

      Faced with environmental challenges, States, cities and companies are working to achieve carbon neutrality. With its BE POSITIVE programme, Teréga has included environmental responsibility in its busi...

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      A virtuous and efficient energy mix is achievable!

      While the different forms of energy are currently managed as standalone entities, multi-energy allows us to conceive a global energy system which is more efficient, more diversified and more local. Fr...

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      Teréga network maintenance technicians

      The challenges of safety for a business

      Safety is a key issue in the energy sector, but not only there. It has become a major challenge for all businesses. Nicolas Toledo, manager of Human and Organisational Safety Factors at Icsi (Institut...

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